150/500-Oil Lubricated Air Compressor

Item No.: MD-005
Ultra high performance with ultra low noise - the Bambi MD range. Designed for applications demanding the highest quality air supply with all the benefits of very low noise levels. At the heart of the range is the oil lubricated T75 pump unit developed to
Model Flow Tank Pressure Power Voltage/Hz Noise Weight Size
  L/Min L Bar Kw Vlots/Hz dB(A) KG CM
225-1000 156 50 8 1.0 220-240/50 56 69 66x83x26
FAD 1 Bar 2 Bar 3 Bar 4 Bar 5 Bar 6 Bar 7 Bar 8 BAR
L/mIN 124 126 118 114 112 108 106 104
Above dimensions exclude wheels, when fitted +5cm to height
Max Duty Cycle = 50%. Requires 20 amp single phase power supply
Unique Bambi Piston Rings
Internally Coated Receiver
High Output T75 Pump Unit
10 Micron Outlet Filter & Adjustable Pressure rgeulator
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